#21490 Soft and Opalescent Frosted Lemurian Quartz Wand - Samadhi
Soft and Opalescent Frosted Lemurian Quartz Wand - Samadhi
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This is a wonderful crystal from Pakistan, 3.8 oz and 4.2” by 1.6” by 1.3” and gently frosted. She shows a simple dress with delicate Lemurian lines and holographic starbrary glyphs, but she has a bright and clear energy that will delight her Keeper! These glyphs and lines are tactile – like a crystalline suede that sends prickles of energy through your fingertips as you move along them. Her base is slanted and lined with an amazing array of students (with some golden healer staining), some of which carry up onto her sides. Some students look growth-interfered and among them, you will see penetrators and two tiny Samadhi! A loupe will help you see them well. Her termination is rather pencil shaped and to the back of the termination, there is a very small chip that does nothing to effect either her energy or her messages. You will be so in love with this gentle but determined Spirit!

The Samadhi formation is a magical feature of this wonderful Spirit! The inner crystal is totally enclosed within the larger and does not protrude outside at all (not a bridge). It is also not completely suspended. The function then becomes like that of a key, allowing us to unlock the inner truth. This is a very auspicious formation for such a powerful crystal! It allows us to focus and concentrate on what must be done. The Spirit of this crystal is gentle, but compelling; sweet but insistent; bright, but suffuse; calming, but electric. Now, I know that all sounds like opposites, but what she is about is balance. It seems we spend out lives in one arena or the other, but it’s important that blend the two in all that we do. You’ll find that once you both see and experience the balance, it will be hard to go back the other way. At this time when changes swirl around us and redefine what we consider “normal”, this is a wonderful Spirit to help is find that inner balance, peace and calm necessary to go on.

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Soft and Opalescent Frosted Lemurian Quartz Wand - Samadhi

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