#21500 Zesty and Rare Collier Creek, Arkansas Quartz
Zesty and Rare Collier Creek, Arkansas Quartz
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You could have knocked me over with a feather when I unwrapped these the Collier Creek citrines from my supplier! When he said these were citrine, I really expected something like the lemon quartz with a golden healer coating, but they were true citrine. Alas, I’m totally out now, but when I was choosing this week’s listings, I opened a box I’d long ago forgotten labeled “white wisp” … these are from Collier creek, but haven’t progressed to citrine as yet! He still comes from Collier Creek, Arkansas and after considerable internet digging, I discovered that the color comes from inclusions of goethite … and indeed with a loupe, you can see hair-like strands (kind of like crystalline micro-fibers) of crystals that lend an opalescent look to the crystal. He has a few areas that are golden brown and has a general very light golden color … short of citrine, but with all the promise. The fibers inside create side glyphs and give the crystal an unusual sheen. There is a side ding near the base, 40% healed, but otherwise, this crystal is in excellent condition and will astound you!

Like the Collier Creek citrines, he exudes joy and abundance … but also there is an angelic and loving presence as well. It’s the kind of love that comes from love of self ... and by that I don’t mean an egotistical love, but one that celebrates WHO you are and rejoices in the uniqueness of that expression. He helps you to connect to your inner Self and accept that Self totally and unconditionally. You feel wrapped in angel wings and nothing in the world can disturb that comfort and security. This is a crystal for a Keeper seeking that knowledge and acceptance of Self.

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Zesty and Rare Collier Creek, Arkansas Quartz

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