#21511 Curved, Rectangular AAA Moldavite for Time and Space Travel
Curved, Rectangular AAA Moldavite for Time and Space Travel
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This is a stunning and sort of rectangular and nicely curved AAA moldavite weighing 0.9 grams and measuring 0.7” by 0.65” by 0.5”. He is a beautiful translucent green with fascinating detail and a delight to study using a loupe. Moldavites are a very rare type of tektite found only in Eastern Europe and export is restricted. He is directly from the Czech Republic and absolutely authentic. Their chemical constitution is very similar to obsidian (volcanic glass) with one significant difference: they contain iridium and the only iridium on earth came from meteors – space!

Moldavite energy is absolutely beyond belief! Some people experience a mild headache or nausea when they first hold it just because the energies are so incredible, even for small pieces. You will note certain areas or Chakras pulsating – that's where he is working to unloosen blockages. Most experience a significant heart opening. Whatever, once you have obtained your first moldavite, you will always want the energies near you – he is most astounding!

I have an old friend who was a Navajo medicine man. He was an amazing Spirit as he also held a PhD in Physics (sadly, he passed in 2013). Yet with these marvelous achievements in this lifetime, he spent his vacations deep in the vastness of Arizona, ministering to his people and savoring his Spiritual life. His wife once confided that he was building a time machine. To him, it was so simple – and the funny part is that there was no machine at all! Have you ever had an experience of déjà vu? Or have you ever had an occasion when you seemed to be suspended in time – when it almost froze and passed as if in slow motion (and I’m not talking about waiting for the weekend …)? Time, as we know it, is not linear – it happens all at once: past, present and future. With some practice, we all have the capability of slipping “between” time and going “back” or forward. Because of the belief that time is linear, we always go back, but let me assure you, it is possible to go both ways. My Navajo friend knew that and traveled frequently. You’d often see him sitting in the library of the place we worked, clearly somewhere else. His abilities took years of practice, but with this Spirit, you will be able to “jump start” the process. Begin by making short hops to get used to the process. Moldavite provides kind of an “umbilical cord” so that you can easily extend and then safely return. Please be advised that this sort of travel is NOT for personal gain so that you can see what stocks will go up or what numbers will be drawn for the lottery. He is for serious Spiritual purpose so that you can integrate important lessons and experiences into your Spiritual advancement. For serious travelers only …

Curved, Rectangular AA Moldavite for Time and Space Travel

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