#21514 Ethereal Hydrothermal Etched Trigonic Trinity Amethyst
Ethereal Hydrothermal Etched Trigonic Trinity Amethyst
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This is an arrival from Bahia Brazil … an ethereal 2.6 oz, 2.8” by 1.55” by 1.1” very ethereal amethyst. She is a hydrothermal, etched amethyst meaning a combination of heat and mineral acids created the incredibly deep fissures in her sides. When you look at her, she seems to have only three faces but there are indeed six … the remaining three are exceedingly tiny. And she only appears to have three sides for the same reason. She is actually terminated or healed all over (save for two small dings … one healed … along the thin edges) and her faces hold a few trigonic record keepers as well as a crystalline “fingerprint” on each of the three big faces! And if you look closely, the amethyst is actually a very subtle phantom! She looks forward to working with her special Keeper!

 In Brazil, these are called Trinity Quartz for the apparent three-sided/faced look. Three is a very sacred number and a prime number to boot. Many of the things in life are in threes: baby, child, adult; father, son, spirit; past, present, future; sun, moon, stars; me, myself, I; etc. It represents the fullness of out life and all that we go through throughout. It is a destiny number … one that assist you to life your life in the fullest … joy, romance, creativity, experiences. This is a crystal to enhance the process of assimilating all of your life’s experience into your Self so that you can “be the best that you can be … and more”! Next time you have writer’s block or can’t get started with a project, reach for her. She will be your biggest cheerleader and best friend!

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Ethereal Hydrothermal Etched Trigonic Trinity Amethyst

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