#21524 Incredible Crystal of Golden Green-Brown Vesuvianite
Incredible Crystal of Golden Green-Brown Vesuvianite
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This incredible 0.5 oz vesuvianite crystal measures 1.05” by 0.95” by 0.5” and comes from China. There is absolutely no matrix and the crystal is well-formed with healed contact area at the base. It is what’s called a tetragonal-bipyramidal shape and this one is textbook! She is a kind of flattened tablet shape and her entire crystalline expression nests well into your palm and she has a small key on her top. Her faces are lustrous and complete but there is a druse of a pale green crystal (don’t know what) in her back and side. Now, she is a warm golden color of green-brown with flashy golden rainbows and she has some amazing glyphs. She has a vibrant and incredible presence with only a few teeny-tiny dings.

Vesuvianite was named for Mt. Vesuvius since the first deposits were found there. Since that time, it has been found in various areas around the world, including the now-closed Jeffery Mine in Canada, China and others. I had worked with the Canadian vesuvianite and was eager to see how the energies of this were different – wow! I was expecting similar, but with subtle differences, and she is really only little similar with lots of difference. The commonality is that she’s direct and intense. Much like a ruby, she has energies that can be scaled by “dialing” her until the desired energy level is reached. Now, knowing that, you have to experiment – at low levels, she is an energizer, helping to get you going and banishing tiredness on a physical level (crystalline coffee …). At the next level, she stirs creativity and helps you unblock writer’s block and the like. And on yet another, she is a potent Self starter, assisting with assimilation of important lessons of the psyche into the physical expression. I found this totally fascinating. She is awesome coupled with amethyst and ruby and probably lots of others – she brings out the best … like she brings out the best in her Keeper!

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Incredible Crystal of Golden Green-Brown Vesuvianite

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