#21525 Intricate and Stunning DT Elestial Montas Claris Quartz for Altar
Intricate and Stunning DT Elestial Montas Claris Quartz for Altar
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This is a positively stunning, 2 lb 11.6 oz, 6.3” by 4.8” by 2.1” DT elestial quartz from Montes Claros, Brazil. She is not the classic elestial with smoky tones, but is somewhat misty … but clear, and light-filled with single side student. There are starbrary glyphs and huge record keepers, accented by shy rainbows … all you need do is focus on one area of her and allow your meditation to flow. She has a side with Lemurian lines … and that side is matte, but the others are lustrous. There are starbrary glyphs on her faces too! She is amazing in her expression and has the tiniest of dings … her energy is beyond astounding – WAY beyond! I guarantee that she will rock your world and make a most magnificent contribution to your altar space!

This Spirit has extremely complex energies. She is extremely healing and intense … yet soft and gentle and not as direct as she would first appear. In truth, if you look at her intensely, it becomes obvious that she is a shard, broken within the Earth and totally healed in beauty. This kind of healing when a crystal is torn asunder almost signifies a death … and yet, she overcame all! She reminds us that birth and death are cycles and in spite of the loss, both are a birth! She helps us understand that this may be applied to our daily lives where we struggle with various and sundry life efforts. Many of us have an area deep inside out heart where we keep all our "lessons learned" – those relationships, friendships, etc. that have soured and left a scar. As we accumulate more hurts in the course of our life, that scar becomes bigger and deeper and truly prevents us from total love. In fact, it sometimes manifests as physical disease. This wondrous Spirit helps us understand the nature of those scars and allows us gradually, but steadily, to heal them into an open and willing heart, body and mind – a total Self! And with it, the physical disease state improves and disappears. Her sulfur inclusion is awesome for protecting the Healer. Use her in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where the patient is having difficulties dealing with issues of Self-acceptance and opening to love. She is a true beauty and tireless worker, ready to assist wherever she can.

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Intricate and Stunning DT Elestial Montas Claris Quartz for Altar

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