#21532 Pair of Pseudocubic DT “Red” Quartz
Pair of Pseudocubic DT “Red” Quartz
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This is a delightful pair of DT cubic red quartz, about 0.9” in length and totaling 0.4 oz. This special quartz comes from Eddy City, NM and is a warm, russet color. Each reminds me of the Pecos Diamond, but with a very different shape. The color is from hematite inclusions and the shape is really cool – like the crystal is shifted and all faces! It’s hard to say which is the actual termination and she looks like one of those juice cubes that you freeze for the kids in the summer. Each is a perfect medicine pouch size and stunning in every detail!

These little sweeties are full of Earth energies, happy little muses, full of vibrancy and creativity. I was immediately captivated by them – each shows that you can be different and yet still “fit in”, with all your creativity working totally! They help you to tap into that inner Self that holds back – and give you the courage and desire to push that reluctance aside to fully express that wonderful energy at the Core! They remind you that Mother Earth creates no two flowers the same, nor two snowflakes or anything – even “identical” twins are subtly different. And yet, each expresses its Self with joy and delight! THIS is the feeling you need to adopt every day … in every way! Now, isn’t that a muse you can work with?

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Pair of Pseudo Cubic DT “Red” Quartz

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