#21541 Stunning Golden Scheelite - Starbrary Companion
Stunning Golden Scheelite - Starbrary Companion
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This is a gorgeous golden scheelite crystal from China, 3.39 grams and 0.5” by 0.4” by 0.3”. Scheelite is a rare tungsten ore and her 4 oz weight will surprise you. She has neat, but subtle glyphs and her petite size make her perfect for pocket or medicine pouch. She is a wonderful energy and a beautiful Spirit that will bring light and love to your life!

This Spirit is full of gorgeous, golden, glowing energy! And, she is above all, a starbrary companion – a crystal whose energy helps to unlock starbraries and allow her Keeper to better decode the messages, as well as facilitate time and space travel. (Please email me if you’d like the starbrary channelings … ) She provides that “silver thread” when you go on astral travel so that you can always find your way home … in a sense, she has certain apophyllite energies in that regard, but in her case, she provides travel similar to that the Star Peoples took in exploring the planets within the galaxy. As you make that connection, you will experience a sector of Self that you had not known before … and what an experience that will be!

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Stunning Golden Scheelite - Starbrary Companion

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