#21543 Sweet Banded Blue Scheelite Heart
Sweet Banded Blue Scheelite Heart
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A while back, a friend asked me about blue scheelite and I did manage to get a few of these lovely hearts recently of which this is the last one. This is a beautiful and sweet one at 1.4 oz, 1.9” by 1.85” by 0.35” heart from Turkey. She is beautifully patterned with shades ranging from white to deep blue. There is a little crevice to her back and at first I thought she was cracked … she isn’t … it a beautiful little crystal cave best explored with a loupe! She is a perfect pocket size and you will want her close to you always!

Never having worked with blue scheelite before, I was really anxious to take the energies “for a spin”. She is a wonderful energy, instilling a feeling of peace and calm. She would be great to enhance sleep, but then you will want to be awake for what happens next. As the peace and calm wash over you, things come into focus. There may be feelings, events, conversations, etc. You begin to see the inter-relationships, the meanings and the relevance, particularly to your live and your Spiritual progress. She is wonderful tucked into a pocket so she can be with you always!

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Sweet Banded Blue Scheelite Heart

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