#21548 Vibrant and Unusual Peach Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand
Vibrant and Unusual Peach Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand
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This is an amazing quartz wand that is as vibrant as any I have ever seen! She is 4.3 oz and measures 4.05” by 1.2” by 1” with a channeler termination and a ling, thin past timeline. Her sides are subtly Lemurian lined and she is clear although the minute starbrary glyphs (and what looks like very faint Vega starbrary glyphs), the rising pyramid and Lemurian lines on her sides make her look a bit matte. Her alternating sides are more clear and truly give a view inside. And the color isn’t a tangerine or a pink, but a glowing, rich and light peach from hematite! This color isn’t on the surface – it is throughout and it’s amazing! Her base is nicely peach colored and healed and there are three small students, tight to her side. One side has some tiny students as well as tiny keys where students once resided. With a loupe, you will also see tiny manifestors inside! There are also some tiny ding areas that make me believe that she may also be a lightning strike, but a very light one where the electricity danced across the side ever so sparsely. She is has a few tiny dings but is still one beautiful girl with immense energy and a sweet demeanor. She comes from Serra do Cabral, Brazil.

When you see this Spirit, you will easily see why these were used in Lemuria! Their energy and form is so beautiful, pure and wondrous that they were sought for various ceremonial uses. This Spirit once belonged to a High Priestess, one who was a channel to the Lemurian Elders and who communicated their guidance and wisdom to her people. She was placed in the center of an immense grid with rubies at eight points on the grid. Double terminated brilliant quartz crystals were placed on the intersects and other points were activated by green tourmalines and silver topaz. The effect was a dome of energy that set the stage for communication with the Elders. The Priestess would then enter the “dome”, remove and hold this crystal and become the center of the grid. This would open the channels through her. The voice of Garhh, head Elder, would then come through her and the Lemurian leadership could ask questions. It was in this manner that Lemurians were warned of the pending destruction of their land. Those who headed the warning were able to escape and colonize other lands. This crystal is perhaps the single most important one you will see offered. If you are her Keeper, then it becomes your responsibility to work with her and awaken the knowledge and wisdom of Lemuria.

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Vibrant and Unusual Peach Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand

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