#21568 Glittering, Sparkling Quartz after Anhydrite - Colorado
Glittering, Sparkling Quartz after Anhydrite - Colorado
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This is a truly stunning and fascinating Spirit from the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. She is a 1.9 oz cluster of sparkling, glittering druse-like quartz, 2.5” by 1.8” by 0.9”. The cluster is strange in that it is mounded and squared … and it’s because at one time, there was anhydrite there and the quartz has completely replaced it, decorating with the amazing layer of tiny crystals. She is a pseudomorph with just thin layer of glittering gray anhydrite remaining at the base. She has a very fascinating look and this is one unique, beautiful and astounding Spirit!

I love pseudomorphs – they manifest all the energies of the replacement minerals while retaining the vibrations of the original. When you hold this Spirit, you are first aware of a sense of calm. If your life has been stressed and hectic, she instills such a peaceful, loving feeling that you feel like you are finally in control and in charge of your own life. She assists her Keeper in finding that critical equilibrium in a fast-paced life so that no matter what changes or no matter what happens, you breeze right through it. She seems to absorb the fear from change and allows you to realize the most important lesson from every shift you experience. And she is beautiful beyond words – truly angelic! This Spirit would love to work with patients in this manner in a crystal healing or Reiki practice, facilitating change, diffusing the negative and establishing a firm foundation for self-worth and healthy self-esteem. She is also lovely to hold while meditating and focusing on these same issues from a personal basis.

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Glittering, Sparkling Quartz after Anhydrite - Colorado

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