#21572 Intense Crystalline Spirit Tangerine Quartz Super Pleiadian Starbrary
Intense Crystalline Spirit Tangerine Quartz Super Pleiadian Starbrary
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This is a large and amazing 1 lb 9.2 oz, 8.5“ by 2.2“ by 1.3“ quartz wand from Brazil with a healed base encrusted with a bit of golden healer-stained albite and a few little rods of black tourmaline. He is a subtle and very light smoky tangerine color with nice termination, a future timeline and facial glyphs. In the center is a dark area that looks for a figure in the fog … and the figure seems to change position … and with a loupe, you’ll see little manifestors attached to that foggy figure … because of a few silver shields, it is a bit harder to see in the pictures … easier in person! The figure is likely a mixture of slate and lodelite creating this wondrous apparition that looks quite solid! His sides are covered with magnificent, intense and abundant Pleiadian a super Pleiadian!) starbrary glyphs that will keep you reading for a long time! His information is for a special Star Seed who will be able to well-glean this data.

This Spirit is one of the most poignant and accurate in representing our Core Self. Every lifetime we live adds onto our Core Self in layers so that at any one point in time, we are the sum total of all we ever have been or will be. And interestingly, many of us are afraid of who that Core Self is and thus deny the important lessons that have been gained through centuries of physical expression. His glyphs are the records of all that we have been (including our Star roots), have done and have seen as evidenced by the long past timeline. He teaches us to reconnect to our own Source and in doing so, each of us learns our own connection to All That Is. This is a very personal crystal and once bonded with his Keeper, should be kept in a sacred area where others will not handle him.

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Intense Crystalline Spirit Tangerine Quartz Super Pleiadian Starbrary

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