#21581 Petite and Glittery Quartz Stalactite Slice
Petite and Glittery Quartz Stalactite Slice
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This is a fascinating 0.3 oz, 1.1 by 1” by 0.2” stalactite slice that is polished on one side and raw on the other with the polished side showing her sparkling quartz crystals around her perimeter! At her center, you can see the earthy core of chalcedony with green centers looking almost like a little face! The tiny quartz crystals spread out from that center like a daisy! Stalactites are a gift from Mother Earth, formed on the ceilings of caves and washed with dissolved earth acids and minerals … this one has formed a fairy-quartz-like Spirit that is truly magical and wondrous! She is exceedingly special and can be used alone or made into a cab for a gorgeous necklace.

Gift of Mother Earth – that is her being! She shows the magic of the Earth and the beauty that must be preserved. She is meant for a Keeper who is deeply involved with conservation and environment and wants to make a difference. She will preside over your personal space and renew your faith that it all can happen … and maybe … just maybe … fairies and elves do exist!

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Petite and Glittery Quartz Stalactite Slice

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