#21591 Standing Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz with Manifestors for Scrying
Standing Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz with Manifestors for Scrying
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This is a standing (on her flat, healed base) 2.9 oz 2” by 1.6” by 1.3” quartz from Pakistan She is rather earthy looking with her somewhat chaotic lightbrary of students and a calcite-covered side with a bit of albite on another. There is even a little stargazer student on at terminal apex. Inside, she is filled with buff, gold and toast lodelite with the only clarity at her termination look closely a few little quarts and one pyrite manifestors inside. Lemurian lines and subtle glyphs are on her sides and even carry up onto some of the faces. Interestingly, one side is a bit curved and you can see the curve echoed in her misting! Everywhere you look, there is something new to catch our attention – a virtual fairy garden of delights and she is a perfect meditation size! Except for very tiny dings, she is in excellent condition.

I named this “fairy gold” because if I were one of the wee folk, this is the kind of gold I would gravitate to … not the stuff that brings out the greed! This Spirit warms the Spirit and “fills in the blanks”, making transition from the physical to brilliant ethereal expression and all within the protection of the lodelite! What a soaring feeling! Her many manifestors call to the inner child that yearns for expression, yet rejoices in the splendor of the wonders of the Earth and the abundance of beauty surrounding us. She takes you back to a time when people were closer to the Earth and welcomed that attunement … and isn’t that what we need now? Enjoy her brilliance!

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Standing Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz with Manifestors for Scrying

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