#21602 Ancient Atlantean Smoky Enhydro Elestial Scepter Warrior
Ancient Atlantean Smoky Enhydro Elestial Scepter Warrior
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This gorgeous elestial scepter is from Viragen de Lapa, Brazil and is 0.8 oz and 1.8” by 0.9” by 0.7”. He is a pair of small scepter heads and the remains of a third one, now well healed over. I couldn’t get a picture of this, but he has a fairly large enhydro inside his largest termination and his rod is a well etched and totally luminous white quartz. Hematite accents give him a richness of color. His faces also have amazing glyphs and you will totally enjoy studying him with a loupe.

The first thing you notice with this Spirit is the way he draws you into the layers of his surface. I love the contrast of his rod and scepter crowns – it’s as if ancient writing were inscribed on his rod and then edited with the overlay. He helps us to search through our layers of self, all that we are, ever were and will be in the future. In those layers, we will see a richness of Spirit, experience and expression. It is then an easy transference to Self, rich in its many lives and layers that build and grow as each Life’s expression adds to the mix. He shows us to embrace all that we are, were and will be and to allow each expression as if contributes to Spiritual development. It is a powerful message from an equally powerful Spirit. These are messages that are surfacing now in the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean crystalline Spirits appearing. He is not for sitting on a shelf; he is a working Spirit who wants to help his Keeper affirm and manifest abundance in their life.

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Ancient Atlantean Smoky Enhydro Elestial Scepter Warrior

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