#21617 Gorgeous Ruby in Zoisite with Many Ruby Areas
Gorgeous Ruby in Zoisite with Many Ruby Areas
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This is an absolutely gorgeous polished piece of ruby in zoisite with lovely green zoisite and clear purple red ruby, offering a spectacular contrast. There are many areas of ruby, all resembling eyes … check with an ultraviolet light and you will see the ruby light up as a hot, deep pink with bits on every surface! The piece is 1 oz and is 1.4” by 1.15” by 0.75”.

Ruby is a stone of personal power, but when combined with the beautiful zoisite, the two blend and complement the other's energies and provide their Keeper with stamina and positive energy! I like to keep a piece in my bathrobe pocket to give me a special energy boost first thing in the morning – it holds me until the coffee is done! Try this Spirit to counteract lethargy and fatigue as well as providing able assistance in clearing cobwebs and focusing the mind … :o)

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Gorgeous Ruby in Zoisite with Many Ruby Areas

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