#21621 Keyed, Altar-Sized Elestial Natural Shaman's Dream Crystal Cluster - Manifestors
Keyed, Altar-Sized Elestial Natural Shaman's Dream Crystal Cluster - Manifestors
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This is a beautiful unpolished Shaman’s Dream quartz from Brazil … 2 lb 3.8 oz and 4.6” by 4” by 3” and is really a DT with keys all around. She is most uncommon in that she is very clear, offering a perfect view of the incredible landscape within – use a 10X loupe to see the full beauty of it all and see all the little manifestors within! The landscape is actually a frothy blend of pale gold, shades of mauve, deep ochre, buff and green lodelite, creating autumn garden features, all contained in that very clear quartz. Her top is beautiful elestial terminations that enfold the landscapes within and offer unobstructed viewing while her base is “cloaked” crystals. No matter what, you will delight in working with her as much as you will savor her beauty and grace! She has a few very tiny dings, but nothing that takes away from her message!

This is a very personal crystal, the kind a Shaman would find and treasure and not share with another so that it was imprinted with his energies alone. When it was time to take an acolyte, only then would another touch it. This Spirit was treated with respect and only worked with when properly prepared. The Shaman would ritually wash and dry her, then smudge her with desert sage. He would then prepare himself with a bath, a fast and careful thoughts. When alone and in a sacred place, together, they would explore visions that would be later shared with the rest of the tribe. She is filled with protector Spirits, revealing themselves to you. And she reminds us that there is a protective aspect to the Earth that we often take for granted. If we allow ourselves to tap into that protection, we can effectively establish a shield that manifests on the Spiritual plane as well and this is critical as we search for higher and higher levels of enlightenment. We are physical beings and all the enlightenment is nice, but unless expressed into the physical and related to our corporeal state, it is useless. She is a Master Crystal beyond any shadow of a doubt!

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Keyed, Altar-Sized Elestial Natural Shaman’s Dream Crystal Cluster - Manifestors

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