#21631 Pair of Wands - Radiant Golden Evolution Quartz and Colorful Papaya Quartz
Pair of Wands - Radiant Golden Evolution Quartz and Colorful Papaya Quartz
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This is a pair of neat Madagascar wands, a papaya (13.22 grams and 2.45" long) and an evolution (16.77 grams and 2.45"), the evolution also being a Dow. The papaya has a healed base with a shallow key and nice, soft russet color while the golden evolution has a slanted and healed base and is filled with ultra-fine golden actinolite … and has a little student embedded on one side. There are some tiny dings, but this is a very nice pair for guided change in your life!

Evolution quartz got its name from its many aspects that seem to simulate the gradual process that the earth went through during its formation. These processes, in turn, are similar to the stages and growth one achieves during the journey to Spiritual Enlightenment. Evolution quartz crystals are rare and have stunning energies that enlighten and warm the physical Chakras. The energy expands until your entire aura is filled and glowing. There is a strength that comes from within the Self and once activated, there is a clarity of thought, a knowing, a confidence rising.

Papaya quartz energy is warm and inviting and totally comforting. She is a wonderful Spirit for coupling with some of the very high energy ones to soften them and help control the energies to a comfortable level. She is absolutely awesome for meditation, helping to introduce a passion into it, such that it is far easier to bring the ethereal messages into physical expression. Likewise, when you are so focused on only the higher Chakras, she helps you rekindle the passion and enthusiasm for physical expression and life in general that you may have set aside for these pursuits.

This pair is foremost for considering the image in which our Spirits exist and becoming aware of your role in it all. Many people are lost in this lifetime, not knowing what they are supposed to do. And by ‘do’, they understand ‘job’. Understand that you can have a job that pays the bills, but it is not your “life’s work”. The true purpose of your life may be more elegant or more simple. For instance, you may work as a technician yet your true life’s work is to be a Light Worker in a small town. This pair helps you understand and show your light brightly to advance your Spiritual evolution!

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Pair of Wands - Radiant Golden Evolution Quartz and Colorful Papaya Quartz

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