#21632 Palest Pink Ice Cream Shaped Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz
Palest Pink Ice Cream Shaped Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz
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This Spirit is part of a find from the Kullu Pass in Northern India, Gateway to the Himalayans and home to many temples. The palest pink-rose color comes from hematite (similar to the Brazilian Rosies) and not from titanium as true rose quartz does. She is strangely configured and exceedingly intricate – no real faces, but yet thousands of them – and elestial … and holds a sweet ice cream cone shape! She is a combination of growth-interfered (including deep, squarish keys) and dissolution and has four partial sides. You will notice an earthquake zone as well. Her crevices hold bits of golden healer and deep red hematite and she is in excellent condition, weighs 10.2 oz one and is 4.25” by 2.2” by 2.2”.

Like her cousin, the Brazilian Rosie, the Kullu Rosie is exceedingly special. One thing I noted is how wide the heart opened … Divine love and compassion were unleashed and it was at that moment I knew that there was an open channel to the Angelic Realm; I felt the presence of angels and heard a flutter of angel wings among her sweet songs. She has a guardian Spirit and huge channeling energies, enabling you to speak to the angels directly in a perfect connection made possible, only because your heart was fully open. Her pale pink, soft energies are perfect for one recovering from recent trauma looking to heal at many levels. She allows you to see that as a Light Worker, you can be so much more and … she guides you to that level with angelic assistance.

Note: I have had these wondrous crystals for a while now and one has announced that she is mine (bliss!!!). I have slept with her every night and wow, what dreams! All have had to do with issues I had thought were done – apparently not. They have come up in lucid detail and instead of reliving the yuck of the original situation, they have resolved beautifully … and now I am done! Interestingly, my usual angelic contact is Archangel Michael. Now, I am meeting Archangel Chamuel, Guardian of the Pink Ray. Like Michael, he is a warrior angel, but I feel a definite difference – he is a warrior of the Self – finding, revealing, expressing and living the true Self. I feel much more in touch and incredibly expanded. If I thought my heart was open before, wowser, is it ever now! There is much more to come and the discovery is nothing short of incredible! And one more thing I’ve noticed is that like the Mozambique Lemurian, these crystals interact strongly with their Keeper – I’ve noticed mine growing more clear and she seems to light up when I walk in the room … :o)

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Palest Pink Ice Cream Shaped Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz

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