#21635 Polished Obelisk with Indigo Azurite “Eyes” in Granite
Polished Obelisk with Indigo Azurite “Eyes” in Granite
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This is a beautiful, polished granite obelisk that is embedded with many “eyes” of indigo blue azurite. These are also called “K2 Stone” as they are named after the second-highest mountain in the world, found in a remote area of the Karakoram Range near the border between Pakistan and China. The apex of the obelisk is darker and makes a nice “cap” and the many eyes are truly amazing. She weighs 5.2 oz and is 3.75” by 1.2” by 1.2” and stands firmly on her broad base so she can preside over your altar or other special spaces.

Azurite is a splendid deep blue and revered by the Native Americans for its ability to facilitate contact with and understanding of Spirit guides. Azurite is native to the American southwest, Morocco, China, Pakistan and many other parts of the world and its use is documented throughout many of the ancient cultures and valued for its psychic openings. A piece such as this will be a potent stimulator for the Third Eye. Her granite is grounding, but it would be wise to work with her slowly so as to acclimatize to her awesome energies.

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Polished Obelisk with Indigo Azurite “Eyes” in Granite

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