#21644 Stunning Carrolite Crystals in Calcite
Stunning Carrolite Crystals in Calcite
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This is a really unusual 22 gram, 1.1” by 0.95” by1.05” cluster of white calcite studded with silver carrolite crystals. With a loupe, you will see some chalcopyrite on the base as well. The crystals are nicely formed and flash brilliantly as you turn the cluster in the light. Carrolite is a mineral composed of copper, cobalt, nickel and sulfur and is found in locations around the globe, but this one is from the Congo. Studying him with a loupe will be a meditation in and of itself!

Carrolite is both a communicator and protector. I know that’s an odd combination but he facilitates communication on many levels, including psychic and that’s an area where protection is essential. I get that he will make a magnificent starbrary companion as he activates the Third Eye and assists with starbrary channeling by making his Keeper more receptive and open to the communications. Again, the protection aspect is key. This is an initial and important starbrary companion and one that will open many channels to his Keeper.

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Stunning Carrolite Crystals in Calcite

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