#21645 Super-Charged Electric Etheric Synthesis Quartz with Chlorite, Olenite
Super-Charged Electric Etheric Synthesis Quartz with Chlorite, Olenite
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This super-charged sweetie is from Brazil and she is a perfect personal-sized 1.2 oz and 1.95" by 1.3" by 1.3" quartz who is both astounding and profound. She is three larger crystals with a number of students at her base. Inside, she is white chlorite phantomed with a little goethite mound dotted on her surface. She is clear enough to allow a good view of the sparkling white chlorite with loads of dark tourmaline rods. I thought at first this was black tourmaline, but it’s actually olenite, a boron-rich colorless tourmaline … some of the rods appear clear while others are dark from a coating of goethite. Plus, she is wondrous for scrying with many changing scenes. She is wonderful to study with a loupe, observing the inclusions and the glyphs and let your senses wander her marvelous interior!

This Spirit is for a Light Worker coming into their power, having discovered the true knowledge of working with Light and living in the Now. She is filled with manifestors, perfect for the manifesting of enlightenment for her Keeper. Her goethite and chlorite are protective, clearing and highly energetic and her olenite, being colorless, takes on the vibrations of all of the colors of tourmaline. Like colorless quartz, it is the ‘utility hitter’, a perfect synthesis of all that is tourmaline. What this means is that this crystal is totally about opening the Etheric Chakra but without blocking or diminishing the energies of the others. You’ll find her grounding and yet soaring, exhilarating and yet serene, direct and yet mysterious. What openings await …

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Super-Charged Electric Etheric Synthesis Quartz with Chlorite, Olenite

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