#21648 Vibrant Polished Vietnam Quartz with Red, White Rutile, Chlorite
Vibrant Polished Vietnam Quartz with Red, White Rutile, Chlorite
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This is a wonderful quartz from Vietnam, 4.82 grams and 1.9” by 0.4” by 0.4 and” polished to show off the brilliance of his inclusions. Usually, the sides and faces are matte finish, but my supplier had a few of these polished just to see what was truly inside and they are spectacular! This one is loaded with electric red and white rutile and a few green strands of chlorite and some chlorite snowballs! Check him with a loupe and you’ll see tiny jewel-like crystals of epidote as well! His termination is ultra clear and if you look closely, you will see several layers of a partial chlorite phantom. Now, you’ll need a loupe to really see the brilliance, but what an awesome Spirit this one is! He is a perfect size for a medicine bundle or for wire wrapping – he would make a gorgeous necklace, hung so that he falls over the heart!

When I first picked up this Spirit, I just had to smile – he is full of joy, energy and ebullient expression. Studying him with a loupe is like a meditation in and of itself and really heightens the energy as if accepted through the eyes! He helps us stop to smell the roses (or in his case, stop to admire the crystals) and enjoy life – rejoicing in all the miracles we see around us on a daily basis. By the way, we DO have daily miracles – little ones – like a new baby, the first flower of spring, three green lights in a row … each adds light and love to our lives if we allow it. Working with this Spirit will help restore your sense of joy (as well as manifesting constant joy) in All that we are!

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Vibrant Polished Vietnam Quartz with Red, White Rutile, Chlorite

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