#21653 Astonishing Polished Fluorcarletonite Pocket Stone
Astonishing Polished Fluorcarletonite Pocket Stone
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This is an astonishing 5.5 gram, 0.9” by 0.7” by 0.4” fluorcarletonite polished pocket stone from Muran Massif in Siberia. Fluorcarletonite is a rare mineral that was discovered in 2017 in a unique deposit there. She has a lovely light blue color on one side, then blended with purple charoite and a few bits of agerine on the other. Explore her with a loupe and you will see her magical expression! She is sort of a broad teardrop or “puffy” triangular shape and perfect for a pocket, medicine pouch or touch-stone! She is so amazing that you won’t want to put her down!

Although petite, this Spirit is rather clearing for the heart (emotional) and mind (rational) and she unifies the importance of both. The mind must be melded with the heart and the heart with the mind to create an egoless or spur-of-the-moment decision. She provides a clarity that enables a stable balance essential for real Spiritual advancement.

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Astonishing Polished Fluorcarletonite Pocket Stone

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