#21664 Deepest Black Ilvaite with Teeny Energy Beam Quartz
Deepest Black Ilvaite with Teeny Energy Beam Quartz
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These are a recent discovery from Inner Mongolia. It is interesting indeed that minerals grow in seams of Mother Earth and this one has mirrored the lofty Spirits from Dal’negorsk, Russia. Looking on the map, these are not so remote from each other, so the seam is relatively short. And this representative holds a large pitch black, but hugely energetic, rod of ilvaite with a side student. Check her closely and you will see several teeny spear-like quartz wands here and there! Explore her with a loupe and you will be entranced, astounded … and in love all at the same time! She is 1.8 oz, 2.05” by 1.1” by 0.8”.

As soon as you pick her up, you are aware of her huge energy – like one of those spotlights, beaming through the night sky. But, please be aware that she shouldn’t be pointed at anyone unless you intend to use her. Ilvaite is a crystal of incredible patience and spreads energies like a broadcast antenna, providing a peaceful presence that seems to pervade the space around you. Now, placed with piezoelectric quartz (which conducts electricity when under pressure and this pressure can come just from the heat of your hand or vibrations from your own energy field) and she is beyond amazing – she literally takes your breath away! I found her expansive opening in profound manner. In moving her around and trying different sides up, the sensations were extraordinary – and try projecting – you can clear a room or really erase blockages from the astral field!! As a healing tool, she is simply extraordinary as you can use her more like an aura comb and remove blockages slowly or quickly, depending on the needs of the patient. I found that this Spirit likes to be cupped between the two palms and immediately, there is an opening at the Crown. You can feel the ‘force field’ being set up around you, activating all the Chakras as it builds. And for a special ‘trip’, hold her over the Third Eye (do this lying down as you won’t be able to stand) and hang onto your hat! It is an amazing feeling and one you will savor as you discover her wondrous energy!

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Deepest Black Ilvaite with Teeny Energy Beam Quartz

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