#21663 Deep Honey Gold Fluorescent DT Quartz Cluster - Heart’s Desire
Deep Honey Gold Fluorescent DT Quartz Cluster - Heart’s Desire
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This is a slightly curved and palm-sized DT quartz cluster from Barros do Selina, Brazil weighing 7.1 oz and measuring 3.65” by 2.7” by 1.6”. She is a a cluster of rich honey gold color through her center and fades to palest amethyst in her thin lower terminations! The crystals have amazing glyphs that look like the sands in river deltas and at her deepest point, there are quite a number of dark spots and with a loupe, you will see that these are tiny dendrites. She has an opalescent quality and when you show an ultraviolet light on her, she glows a deep, hot pink! This type of fluorescence is uncommon in quartz! She is a brilliant, colorful and very chatty Spirit, ready for her most special Keeper!

I was astounded as wave after wave of joy, love, compassion, empathy and sheer ebullience washed over me! She is a crystal you won’t want to put down! After working with her for a while, I realized that she operates from the heart’s core – deep down inside, we all want to be loved … and to love deeply. Truly, that is our heart’s desire and all thing spring from that ... and with her amethyst, she can push the Heart energies into the Crown for full-body activation. Through the years, we “toughen up” our heart because of disappointment, relationships that have gone wrong, a dysfunctional family and more. So we shut down the very thing that opens our lives to joy and love and then wonder why true love continues to elude us! This is a crystal that teaches the true meaning of love as it has always existed and always will exist. She is an Old Soul that has taught this message for eons and it is one that today’s Light Worker needs more than anything else as it will open them up and enhance their healing. Now, opening your heart won’t hurt you (in spite of what you might think) and it will give you a compassion for your patients (if you are a Healer) that will bring them back always. Plus, you’ll find your whole live renewed, as if looking through those proverbial rose-colored glasses – she is one to savor and enjoy!

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Deep Honey Gold Fluorescent DT Quartz Cluster - Heart’s Desire

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