#21676 Gorgeous Gemmy DT Indian Ruby - Ruby Temple
Gorgeous Gemmy DT Indian Ruby - Ruby Temple
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This fascinating, gemmy DT ruby (and yes, this is what gemmy looks like) is 0.7 oz and 1.2" by 0.8” by 0.65" … and a gorgeous and deep purple-red color! He is from Mysore, India … Indian ruby is some of the most highly prized in the world and this crystal is exceptional! His is broader at the base, tapering to a blunt point and his sides sparkle from his many “elestial” terminations. Both sides and faces have neat glyphs, best studied with a loupe so you can see the intricate detail. To me, with his slanted upper termination, he looks like ruby Temple … worthy of getting lost in! You will be in love!

Rubies are awesome as personal power stones and make wonderful pocket or medicine pouch crystals for daily carrying – just to remind you of that true source of power – your Self! They are also wonderful used in grids or as activators for other crystals. They function similar to a dial and are literally able to adjust the energy level in a grid or within another crystal. The vibrations of this Spirit are superb and he will make a wonderful helper for his Keeper!

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Gorgeous Gemmy DT Indian Ruby - Ruby Temple

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