#21680 Intriguing Curved Faden Quartz Power Cluster
Intriguing Curved Faden Quartz Power Cluster
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This intriguing and lovely 3.6 oz, 2.9” by 2.5” by 0.9” cluster of faden crystals is from Pakistan. The cluster is a series of faden crystals in subtle line-up and bridged at the main termination and all arranged in an upward curve. Lemurian lines grace her sides and all of her terminations have subtle glyphs. The base is slanted and healed. She is electric, astounding and awesome in every way and her curve allows her to sit gracefully in the palm of your hand!

This Spirit has a bit of a huge, effusive energy feel – cleansing and clearing as you work with her. She would be amazing in a crystal healing or a Reiki practice where she would be applied to patients particular resistant to healing. This Spirit is incredible in getting to the heart of the true nature of the illness. As an example, according to Louise Hay, joint pain can signify that the patient is resistant to change and inflexible to life. This Spirit can assist by first clearing the blockages and then helping the patient deal with change in a positive way, thus freeing up that energy to move easily. Her faden lines act as energy guides. Take her in your sending hand and direction her over the patient in sweeping motions. As you detect blockages, gently circle her until you feel the Chakra is flowing freely. Be aware that emotions may come up abruptly with the patient – it is advisable to circle the patient with rose quartz or morganite alternated with hematite tumbles to assist in this regard. Several treatments may be necessary – better to allow the change slowly so that the adjustment “takes”. Cleanse her with cool, fresh spring water and allow her to dry in the sun about an hour. She is a hard-worker and will serve the Healer extremely well.

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Intriguing Curved Faden Quartz Power Cluster

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