#21684 Pair of Brazilian Quartz and Blue Chalcedony Geode Halves
Pair of Brazilian Quartz and Blue Chalcedony Geode Halves
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This is a cute and lovely quartz-filled geode from Brazil weighing 0.7 oz and cut in half with each half measuring 1.25” by 0.9” by 0.3”. Outside, she looks rather like a grayish-brown pod or nut. Inside, she has been cut in half and the cut side has been polished. The narrow edge shows layers of blue-gray chalcedony and then each half opens up to a sparkling crystalline cave, filled with rainbowed quartz crystals! This pair makes a wonderful meditation partner, one half in each hand and because of the small size may well be suited for jewelry!

Geodes are a very special type of cluster – instead of radiating their energies outward, they radiate inward, focusing and concentrating. They make wonderful meditation companions as they allow the mind to be grounded and intent on the meditation instead of flipping about like a fish out of water. Too many of us review the day’s events during meditation – the mind flits back and forth and there is no meditative state achieved. This pair can be placed, one in each hand and swapped back and forth to allow the Keeper to find that meditative “sweet spot”. Her blue chalcedony heart makes her perfect for activating the Throat Chakra, enabling you to speak of the Spiritual truth you have received.

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Pair of Brazilian Quartz and Blue Chalcedony Geode Halves

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