#21686 Pinkish Amber Orgone Sphere Holder
Pinkish Amber Orgone Sphere Holder
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This is a wonderful 3.5 oz, 2.75” in diameter by 0.8” high orgone sphere holder … well, spheres, eggs and Shiva Lingums. These are generally clear, allowing you to place them over a colored silk to infuse them with the color vibrations you want, although it’s hard to see the color except for the bottom. In her case, the color is a very light pinkish amber! These were made in the classic method as described by Wilhelm Reich with general construction includes both metallic and organic materials, all encased in a clear, cured resin. The metal portion Monatrace™, a naturally occurring deposit from an ancient sea bed that supplies monatomic and other minerals elements that are approximately ⅓ monatomic elements (gold, silver, iridium, rhodium, chromium, and platinum), ⅓ silica, and ⅓ trace minerals (70+ different trace minerals), copper, aluminum, brass, and 24K Gold leaf. Organic material is the resin itself and she has a wondrous energy!

The holders serve to accumulate energy and charge to enhance programming of crystals. I hesitate to use the word “programming” as that suggests overwriting the crystal’s natural energies with your own intentions … in this case you are merely bringing out the crystals natural tendencies. For instance, if you want your crystals infused with loving energies, place the plate over a pink silk to enhance the loving energies within the crystal (note that the color of the Orgone adds to the color you add by the silk). Negativity is purged and the vibrations of the crystal are balanced. These are absolutely astounding and a wonderful treat for your crystals.

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Pinkish Amber Orgone Sphere Holder

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