#21687 Polished Sparkling Chalcedony and Druzed Quartz with Stand
Polished Sparkling Chalcedony and Druzed Quartz with Stand
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This is a wonderful 4.5 oz piece of polished chalcedony from Indonesia, 2.6” by 1.95” by 0.95”. To one side, there is a glittering layer of druzy quartz exposed and bits of golden healer reside in the crevices as well as areas on back and front. The golden healer seems to make symbols in two places and looks dark in the photos but is actually deep gold. The chalcedony was formed in layers and she ranges in color from opalescent to cream to snow-white. There are a few areas of turquoise of unknown origin on one side. She is very glittery and beautiful and she comes complete with a custom-made stand so that she can be placed upright! Note that she will stand upright with or without the stand.

Chalcedony is a Spirit of friendship and harmony. Placed in a room where there will be meetings or other gatherings will help in maintaining a friendly atmosphere during conversation. It is wonderful for a children’s area, a family room or even a conference room where her gentle energies can radiate outward. I particularly like this Spirit for meditation, particularly if you will be meditating with a group. She ensures a positive energy flow without negativity. I actually love looking at her and allowing my mind to wander, imagining that she has a face or is a flower or she is rolling hills. She takes me on beautiful, fanciful meditations!

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Polished Sparkling Chalcedony and Druzed Quartz with Stand

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