#21691 Ridged Coontail (Smoky) Quartz Cluster with Brookite
Ridged Coontail (Smoky) Quartz Cluster with Brookite
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This is an utterly fascinating and rare 4.9 oz light smoky quartz from Magnet Cove, Arkansas, 3.9” by 1.7” by 1.7”. She is a wonderful cluster, in ridges all over with a crystal cave on the side that has filled with brookite crystals. The quartz crystals are mostly stubby Merlin terminations (aka generator where all six faces come to a common point) and there is a small ridge of Mother Earth matrix. Smoky quartz is rare in Arkansas as the radioactive minerals that cause the smoke simply aren’t there in any abundance as they are in Brazil, for instance. In any case, were you to cut one of these little crystals in half lengthwise (and please don’t try this at home … imagine …), you’d see banding of the smoke color rather like the banding on the tail of a coon (hence the name coontail). The surfaces of the crystals are rather dull from mineral etching after the quartz was formed, giving a lot of surface detail best studied using a loupe. The zoning is evident in a few with thinner coats. Any way you look at this cluster, she is a rare and mysterious beauty!

As many of you know, I love to anoint crystals with rainwater to activate their crystalline musk. This cluster is so amazing! With the first heady scent rising, you feel a cleansing and clearing that I never thought possible! Now, it’s not an extreme sensation, but rather a slow, deliberate one that occurs over the period of a meditation … crystalline “scrubbing bubbles”. Use her to gentle cleanse the aura and get the flow cleared and moving. She works well on a personal basis and also on a healing level, placed over the patient’s Solar Plexus. You will be surprised and delighted at her talents!

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Ridged Coontail (Smoky) Quartz Cluster with Brookite

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