#21698 Vibrant Teardrop Larimar Cabochon - Color of Sea and Sky
Vibrant Teardrop Larimar Cabochon - Color of Sea and Sky
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This is a gorgeous polished larimar from the Dominican Republic. Larimer is a rare blue variety of the silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic and was discovered in the 1980s. And the Dominican Republic is is the only place on earth it is found! Larimar was named for the discoverer's daughter (Larissa) and the Spanish word for sea (mar). The beautiful shades of sea blue blend with white, like the clouds in Father Sky, and toast, like Mother Earth. This piece weight 3.98 grams and measures 0.75” by 0.55" by 0.4" and is a nice slightly-domed, teardrop-shaped cab. This is a rare and splendid jewel of the Caribbean and perfect for her special Keeper.

Larimar has just beautiful, calming energies. Although a throat Chakra stone, she truly blends the throat with the heart and Third Eye, allowing you to ‘see’ things in a different way. She is a stone of healing and with gentle, calming, loving overtones. If you place her on the Solar Plexus, you will find that anger dissolves and transmutes, leaving you feeling as if you've taken a shower in soft, warm rainwater. Place her on the Third Eye, and you will find a muse, stirring you to a deeper communication with your creative side. Definitely, she is a stone to be treasured and used often!

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Vibrant Teardrop Larimar Cabochon - Color of Sea and Sky

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