#21706 Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Frolicking Otter Totem
Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Frolicking Otter Totem
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This is a cute 1.6 oz and 1.7” by 1.3” by 1.2” bubble-like chalcedony nodule from Morocco. She is a typical botryoidal chalcedony – a boiling, bubbling crystalline liquid, frozen in time, but beautifully expressed in a series of white and grayish bubbles that remind me very much of a frolicking sea otter … you know the ones that lay on their backs, floating and cracking open clam or scallop shells! When you first look at her, she appears shades of gray and rather uniformly dark. Backlight her and her color shifts from gray to gold and caramel! She fits nicely in wrapped in the palm and chatters constantly! She is as cute as she can be!

When the shipment came, it was delivered on a very hot day. The box was warm and when I opened these special Spirits, they were also warm and chatty from the get-go! They had me at first contact! I sat with several and they all had a common message of peace, love, unity, friendship and faith … all set in an earthiness that was palpable. I loved the way the waves washed over me and the energies left me feeling both cleansed, grounded and loved. The Otter totem is highly suiting for her!

Otter energy is feminine, playful, joyful and yet very aware. Otter lives in the Now, and still is cognizant of Life’s demands. She knows when to work and when to play and she is diligent with each. Otters are a fascination to me and have been lucky to see them at play in an autumn lake. I have seen them as a group, create a slide in the snow and enjoy the splash-down into the frigid water … and even come up with a fish! And, once while on a run, three otter pups came out of the water to observe me more closely … while mom and dad watched carefully from the water’s edge! The pups checked me out and then returned to their play in the water! Otter is a great proponent of the importance of balance and has an uncanny intuition about things … mom and dad knew I meant no harm. Enjoy this Otter energy to help bring joy and balance into your life!

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Chatty Chalcedony Bubble Nodule - Frolicking Otter Totem

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