#21729 Luminous and Layered DT Apophyllite
Luminous and Layered DT Apophyllite
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This is a glorious layered, multi and doubly-terminated apophyllite, 2.2 oz and 1.9” by 1.6” by 1.4”. Her terminations are multi-multi … almost elestial and the layers are easy to see when backlit. The sides are striated and there are two small keys. She is misted throughout, giving her a milky appearance (and very hard to photograph as a result) and yet she is totally lustrous, shimmering as you move her in the light. She is part of a shipment from India and is in excellent condition, ready to work with her forever Keeper!

Apophyllite is one of my favorite non-quartz Spirits with uplifting and ethereal energies that take you to meditation states easily! Apophyllite is an awesome stone for seeing the truth in all situations and bridges the physical and spiritual realms. She helps us understand with clarity how the realms relate. She facilitates astral travel, but with an important addition: we can remember where we have been and can bring back the significance of the journey. This wonderful Spirit would be awesome in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can be placed over the Third Eye to stimulate multi-dimensional opening and healing.

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Luminous and Layered DT Apophyllite

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