#21730 Matched Septarian Super-Nova Starburst Halves
Matched Septarian Super-Nova Starburst Halves
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These matched septarian halves are from Morocco and weigh a total of 1.1 oz and each measure 1.3” by 1.2” by 0.35”. Humble and unassuming on the outside, the polished halves reveal two apparent depictions of a super-nova about to burst forth! All That Is with earthly expression. They are concretions of earth mud and calcite that have a lovely, soft feel and a wondrous prickly, exciting energy. You will want one in each pocket!

Change is what created the wondrous Universe and this life-giving planet as well as the stars and all other heavenly bodies. These Spirits link the very ancient to this time so that her Keeper might benefit from the ancient knowledge holds. She helps you deal with change in the Now and understand its necessity, both in your physical life as well as your Spiritual expression in this incarnation. Change is a difficult thing for a lot of us – we fear and dread it. While we don’t like the rut we are in, it is still our rut, but we are comfortable in the predictability of it … and getting out of it only seems like a nice idea. Well, this Spirit allows you to see the rut for what it is. She gets you unstuck and into positive change that will help give zest and color to your life. She instills confidence and self-assurance and suddenly, you realize that you are FREE to realize all that you dream. And that isn’t bad for such a humble-looking Spirit!

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Matched Septarian Super-Nova Starburst Halves

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