#21752 Astounding Inner Beauty Phantom-Manifestor Amethyst, Trigonic
Astounding Inner Beauty Phantom-Manifestor Amethyst, Trigonic
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This astounding 6.9 oz crystal from Bahia, Brazil is a gorgeous shade of violet, accented with a sort of iridescent phantom, 3” by 2” by 1.9”. She has three large faces with the remaining three being small in comparison. The largest faces have a series of teeny-tiny trigonic record keepers (you will need a loupe to see them well) as well as a “preface” of tiny crystal terminations. There are “rectangular” areas on two faces and with the iridescence of the phantom inside, some faces have astounding glyphs or strange script only visible with indirect light. Three sides are totally keyed while the remainder are small any have what looks like sugared frosting on them.. The real treat is the amethyst phantom inside that highlights it all … her “inner beauty”! At first, I thought this was simply a phantom but at the healed base, you can clearly see the smoky-amethyst core crystal … she is a phantom-manifestor! She is a large crystal with a thick secondary growth! Her general amethyst color is ethereal and lovely with touches of smoke. The whole effect is simply breathtaking and you will be obsessed with her gentle and loving energy! There are a few very little dings but nothing affecting her in any way! Pictures do not do her justice … she is truly astounding!

This is a crystal that benefits from anointing with rainwater to allow her crystalline musk to rise. Unlike a lot of amethysts that are heady and clearing, she has a softer, more suffuse energy that seems to gently cleanse you, like a spring rain. It rather reminds me of a rose quartz energy! She is quiet and peaceful, sharing that centeredness with her Keeper. You are enfolded with a sense of well-being and belonging … like hot chocolate on a bitter winter day or a cat in your lap as you listen to the rain. She gently shares her warmth and allows you to look deeply at yourself. You ARE a worthy person and deserve to be loved! She helps you recognize that true love begins with self and then grows with abundance and sheer joy as you see the world in a different light … finding and expressing your own inner beauty! She is wonderful for a Keeper looking for a sense of purpose and seeking to find a role in this life’s expression. She is a tender Spirit who will become a close friend and loyal companion.

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Astounding Inner Beauty Phantom-Manifestor Amethyst, Trigonic

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