#21763 Glittery, Sugary, Tessin Milky Quartz DT Cluster from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Glittery, Sugary, Tessin Milky Quartz DT Cluster from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
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This is gorgeous, glittery, sugary-looking DT milky white quartz cluster, 2.8” by 1.5” by 0.8” and weighing 1.6 oz … and she comes from the sacred San Juan Mountains in Colorado! She is a gleaming lightbrary Spirit with a number of Tessin habit terminations mingled with regular and tiny, druse-like crystals, front and back. Tessin habit is a kind of Merlin termination, but without true faces. All the sides usually come together into a common termination, but sides and faces blend together imperceptibly so that there is one continuous movement to the tip. In fact, some of her faces are slightly curved which adds to the effect. The lightbrary effect appears on some crystals but not all and she truly resembles a field of crystalline flowers. It was really hard to show as the camera had difficulties with white-on-white contrast, but I sure tried – she is nothing short of awesome in person!

Tessin habit crystals are wonderful for unlocking things. Often, it is the energies of other crystals and other times, it is things that you keep deep inside, there but hidden. Now, when we keep things in that should be expressed, often we will find that our energy “leaks” – we are so concerned that others don’t see of discover our secrets, that we often let on more than we choose to, but in different areas. As a result, we feel drained and tired. Her lightbraries adjust energy levels to precisely where you want them. Now, this is not an easy process and will take much meditation before you trust that this knowledge can be released, but released it must be in order for you to begin healing what caused you to “stuff” it in the first place. I guarantee you will feel lighter than you have ever felt!

To work with her, gently sprinkle her with rainwater to release her most fragrant crystalline musk. Play some wonderful and heart-nurturing music like Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The music will literally guide the vibrations and set the stage for the work ahead. Breathe as if every breath were coming through her, gathering energy as it passes through those magnificent tessin terminations. As this happens, imagine that the crystal is absorbing your sorrow, your concern, your worries. Each breath will make your burden lighter and each exhale will release more of that dark cloud into the Universe for transmutation. The more you work, the more you will process … and the more the veil will lift …

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Glittery, Sugary, Tessin Milky Quartz DT Cluster from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

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