#21772 Isis-Faced DT Brandberg Pale Amethyst with Manifestors, Enhydro
Isis-Faced DT Brandberg Pale Amethyst with Manifestors, Enhydro
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This is quite an interesting 0.4 oz DT amethyst from the Brandberg area of Africa, 2” by 0.7” by 0.7”. When you first look at him, he appears colorless, but look closely and you will see a blush of beautiful amethyst within the mists at his center. To his back, there is a small group of students around a small, dark central area od Mother Earth Martin where he was formerly attached to it. He has two asymmetric Isis faces and a key across another face. Check him with a loupe and note the rather large and zippy enhydro, tiny manifestors and amazingly tiny (but interesting) glyphs on his faces! This crystal was part of a collection of AAA Brandbergs that my supplier had bought and I’m thrilled to be able to offer these to you. He will astound you with his understated beauty and intensity!

The Brandberg quartz is among the oldest in the world and it’s always a surprise to me that it is so crystal clear and sparkling – it belies the true “old soul” nature of the Spirit within. To Eastern belief systems, fire, water, earth and air, if all represented together, showed the perfect balance among physical, emotional and Spiritual aspects. He is born of the Earth and bears its mark in his base, and yet has the fire of his clarity and his rainbows and manganese markings. Brandbergs get their brilliance from being water filled, although you don’t necessarily see the bubble (actually air – what we call an enhydro is actually a bubble of air caught in a water pocket). There are many bubble chambers, but no larger air bubbles, only the tiniest of ones. This Spirit epitomizes that critical balance and brings us totally to who we are as he helps his Keeper understand sense of purpose in this lifetime. Further, he is a manifestor of intense proportion. Now all these are exceedingly auspicious in a crystal … this is one of great power, great exploration and great probabilities. He offers a profound message for our lives and helps us understand the precious nature of Now as well as the Spirit that our efforts aspire to … and once we understand, we can live well in it.

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Isis-Faced DT Brandberg Pale Amethyst with Manifestors, Enhydro

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