#21793 Stately Colombian Lemurian Quartz with Cookeite, Students
Stately Colombian Lemurian Quartz with Cookeite, Students
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This is a magnificent, brilliant and stately Lemurian quartz with students … she’s from Colombia, weighs 4.7 oz and measures 3.6” by 1.9” by 1.2”! There are Lemurians from all over the globe, but you simply will not believe how incredible and different these are! Their sides are angled just right to create prismatic effects and she is far clearer than she looks in the pictures. She has two small students right along the base. On one side, there is a host of small cookeite keys with golden cookeite visible inside creating golden shields. The sheer number of cookeite keys on one side makes the crystal look less clear than she is. If you study the shields with a loupe, you will see interesting markings on it! She has a magnificent Isis face and a tiny past timeline. Some of her Lemurian lines are tactile and she is in excellent condition … a master healer who will be a wonderful resource to her Keeper.

Colombian quartz is considered to be the purest in the world and they are considered elite light-beings of the crystal world. This Spirit has exceedingly intense energies … the Lemurian lines set up waves of energy by running thumb or finger up and down them … kind of like hitting different keys on a piano. and the lithium-rich cookeite further elevates those energies. This makes her truly a utilitarian Lemurian for any purpose since you simply can adjust the energies as needed. She is very effective for filling a larger area with wondrous, sublime and bright energies. Her mists rising lightly from the base illuminate her interior seem to focus her energy into the termination … you can definitely feel it in the Crown! She is a splendid Spirit that you will want with you always!

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Stately Colombian Lemurian Quartz with Cookeite, Students

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