#21796 Surprising and Spectacular Deep Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz
Surprising and Spectacular Deep Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz
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This is a 1.4 oz, 2.4” by 1.45” by 0.45” deep-green chlorite and clear quartz from Pakistan with a number of students on her sides. She is tabby-esque, though not tabby-terminated, and a DT although chlorite erosion (chlorite is caustic and will erode the surfaces of the quartz during its formation) where the students are makes it hard to see. Her terminations are relatively clear, offering a good look at her deep green phantom! She is both surprising and spectacular in her presentation and energy and a perfect size for crystal/Reiki healing or personal mediation. She is a wonderful and intense Spirit, ready to work with her Keeper!

When you first handle this Spirit, she sets your hand to tingling and that spreads rapidly throughout your aura, cleansing, scrubbing and invigorating as she works. She removes blockages and sets up a protective field around you, like a bubble of light, that is reassuring, comforting and energetic all at once.  Her gentle energies allow her Keeper to see the stress for what it is and sort through things in a deliberate and organized manner, restoring what the shift from the yang of summer to the yin of winter disturbed.  But, she isn’t just for abrupt change – she is wonderful for those times in your life when you just need to collect your thoughts and breathe!  Her chlorite is for protection during the coming period of introspection, perfect for the yin times.  She helps you to appreciate the wonder around you in nature, family, friends and pets … and crystalline Spirits!  She is awesome used in grids to “tone” down overly-energetic crystals so as to adjust the energy levels to manageable levels – a great crystalline helper for sure!

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Surprising and Spectacular Deep Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz

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