#21799 Unusual Atlantean Pale Smoky Triplet Elestial Scepter Quartz
Unusual Atlantean Pale Smoky Triplet Elestial Scepter Quartz
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This is a delightful and intense smoky quartz scepter from Aricuai, Brazil weighing 2.5 oz and measuring 2.2” by 1.6” by 1.4”. When you look at her, she doesn’t have a typical scepter appearance as the secondary growth that formed her, created a crown that formed as a triplet expression with one of the triplets being twinned. The crown is rather lustrous and glyphed, contrasting strongly with the matte and etched white rod. Strangely, one of the glyphs resembles the head and neck of a horse! She is a wonderful, heady, energetic Spirit of Atlantis with a positively ancient look and feel … she has a few little nicks but is otherwise in good condition.

As you hold this wonderful Spirit, you will immediately sense the connection and relationship with Atlantis. In the early days of Atlantis, crystals such as this were used because they were full of wisdom and energy. As the peoples of Atlantis progressed, their need for such energy increased and they began to use more polished crystals, focusing on the power aspects and abandoning the wisdom – and in doing so, they also abandoned the true balance and nature of the Spirit within the crystal. As a result, abusing the crystals became rather easy to do. It is Spirits like these that recall the true enlightenment of Atlantis and make her secrets available for all to use. And the energy of this crystal is both male and female, although more predominantly female, and suggests a balance – like her physical expression and its yin-yang aspects, a perfect balance. Every one of us has typical male and female characteristics, regardless of our true sex. For instance, the logic of the male seeks the feeling of the female for balance. In ancient times, the Shaman was often described as ‘androgynous’, in perfect balance with the male and female sides and only in that perfect balance, did they draw their true power. This Spirit definitely teaches that ALL must be in balance and will assist her Keeper in attaining that balance, to express TRUE power. If you are a Keeper with Atlantean memories, she is an important Spirit to reconnect with – she helps to put those memories into perspective and repair the damage that was done by some …

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Unusual Atlantean Pale Smoky Triplet Elestial Scepter Quartz

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