#20811 Enticing, Scrying Black and Tan Agate Cab - Yin and Yang
Enticing, Scrying Black and Tan Agate Cab - Yin and Yang
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This is an absolutely stunning 8.62 gram, 2.25” by 0.75” by 0.2” elongated oval black and tan agate cab from Indonesia. The patterns within her draw you inward and take on different shapes and meanings … a true scrying stone. I circled a few that I see - a woman’s face in profile, a hand with first finger over thumb, an anger face, a horse head, a rabbit heading profile and a tree trunk with knots. Truly, some will have meaning, but others not and each individual will see the images differently! She would make a lovely pendant, but I love her for being a scrying stone and the yin-yang energies she embodies!

This is a both a scrying and a yin and yang stone, deftly instilling that sense of balance and calm. The theory of yin and yang is that although each is opposite of the other, they complement perfectly. It is said that you cannot know the light unless you also know darkness. To use her in crystal or Reiki healing, place her on any Chakra to bring about balance. As an example, placing her on the Solar Plexus will balance physical expression with emotional need. Place her on the throat to bring about an equilibrium between the feelings in the heart and the facts in the head. Further, while scrying, a person can connect with a Spirit Animal, a deep-seated emotion, a fear that needs to be released, a desire that needs a voice, etc. You’ll find hundreds of therapeutic uses for her!

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Enticing, Scrying Black and Tan Agate Cab - Yin and Yang

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