#21813 Flocked Phantom Eroded DT Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster
Flocked Phantom Eroded DT Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster
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This is a 1.1 oz, 2.1" by 1.6" by 1.2" pale leaf-green chlorite-included quartz cluster from Pakistan. Chlorite is a caustic inclusion and often erodes the quartz. In this case, it eroded and actually distorted the crystals to the back, and then the quartz healed over the top into thousands upon thousands of tiny triangular terminations! It was impossible to capture with a camera, but you will be able to see them easily with a loupe! The front is dominated by one tall, large crystal and a host of small DT students, giving her an elestial-like lower termination. Each is fairly filled with billowy, flocked green chlorite, particularly evident in the main crystal. I am just in awe of the energy of this Spirit – her terminations are wonderful and she is a most spectacular and energetic cluster! You will be busy with your loupe for a long time!

When you first work with this Spirit, you’ll find her to be a little different than the darker eroded chlorite quartz – her energy is softer and gentler, deftly scrubbing your aura and setting up a protective force field around you. Now, don’t mistake her gentleness – she is still fiercely protective for her, warding off negativity, psychic attacks and bad energies. She is truly a personal cluster for a Keeper who is having difficulty establishing boundaries and creating her own space. She will help you to find that special place where only you know … where you can be alone with your feelings and no one bothers you. She helps you establish safe levels with others so that you don’t take on their burdens or energies. After you work with her, wash her gently with pure soap and rain water and allow her to sun dry … she will be ready to help again and again!

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Flocked Phantom Eroded DT Chlorite Protector Spirit Quartz Cluster

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