#21821 Keeper of the Record Starbrary Quartz Wand - Beyond Unique
Keeper of the Record Starbrary Quartz Wand - Beyond Unique
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This incredible and unique wand is old stock from Brazil and is 6.3 oz and 4.5” by 1.3” by 1.1”. She is clear at the upper half and lightly misted below to her healed base with two keys edging it. Her two largest faces are polished and remaining ones host a number of strange glyphs. On her sides are some very strange geometric starbrary glyphs, but what astounded me were the record keepers … you need a loupe to see them well …. and there are LOTS of them! In fact, some of the rising pyramids are made up of tiny record keepers! I have an apology to someone out there who told me of a quartz crystal they had with record keepers (some trigonic) on the side … and I told her it was impossible - record keepers are only on the faces. But now, here is this special crystalline Spirit with tons of them on the sides and there is no denying they are record keepers! Of all the literal tons of quartz I have handled, this is the ONLY one with record keepers on the sides that I have ever seen! She is without a doubt a starbrary “Keeper of the Record”! There are a few tiny dings, but nothing of significance … she is astounding and beyond unique in every respect!

Since the first channelings that came to me through Mirahh, additional information has come forward from other star systems, other formations and more intense details. This Spirit falls into the later category. The record keepers are the operative function. Similar to lightbrary crystals that function as libraries of crystalline records, these crystals hold libraries of star information, emerging now to assist Star Seeds. Earth has been visited by many Star Peoples and some crystals are devoted to a single or small group of those peoples. This crystal is beyond that … and rather like the Dead Sea Scrolls that offered decoding for hieroglyphics. I wish she were mine, but she is meant for another Star Seed who will immediately recognize her!

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Keeper of the Record Starbrary Quartz Wand - Beyond Unique

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