#21829 Mystic and Unique Smoky Brandberg Quartz Cluster
Mystic and Unique Smoky Brandberg Quartz Cluster
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This is a mystic and unique smoky Brandberg quartz weighting 1.3 oz and measuring 2” by 1.9” by 1.1” and she is cluster of three crystals. Yes, she is smoky but has an earthy tannish “filling” on all but two sides giving her a most unique look! She certainly isn’t like any other Brandberg I’ve seen! Her main crystal is the most smoky and has glyphs down one side with a little key that bifurcates one face. just beside a long stargazer student. With a loupe, you will see tiny manifestors of what looks like calcite inside … she truly is a mystery with her formation and expression with a joyous, uplifting energy!

Brandbergs are supposed to be the most ancient quartz in the world. And, every time I see one, I marvel at the beauty – even as “old soul” as this one looks, she is far from ancient looking! Her energy is radiant and huge! There is an old soul in there, but this Spirit is telling you to open up and enjoy life – spread your arms to the rising sun and embrace every molecule of Love and Light that it offers! In our day to day lives, we are surrounded by negative energy. Look at the news: most of the stories are real downers. Uplifting just doesn’t seem to be news-worthy. As you speak with friends, you relate the problems with traffic, your kids almost missing the bus, the dog getting out and running down the street, the headache you woke with, etc. There seems to be a contest as to who had the most miserable day. Well, this Spirit is about to change your focus. We find what we look for folks! If we look for happiness and joy, it’s there for us and all we have to do is look for that rainbow, that silver lining. In all that we do, say, experience, allow this Spirit to help you find the joy – it’s her role and she does it extremely well. Smile … you are beautiful!

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Mystic and Unique Smoky Brandberg Quartz Cluster

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