#21861 Fiery Deep Electric Red Rutile Polished Quartz Pillar
Fiery Deep Electric Red Rutile Polished Quartz Pillar
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This amazing and intense 1.2 oz polished quartz pillar measures 2.45” by 0.8” by 0.6” and comes from Brazil. He is a magnificent very light-light smoky with an abundance of needles of dark red rutile! His color is accentuated by a red chlorite eroded area to one side, dotted with snow-like areas of white chlorite. He is well polished and the inner landscape is amazing and invites wandering … he is magical, electric and exciting … a lovely and rare and fiery beauty!

As soon as you pick up this Spirit, the energy shoots through your hand – I have not felt one so electric! I felt as if my aura had been pressure washed and left sparkly clean! And what an energy charge that was! It is recommended that his Keeper be a Healer, perhaps a Healer who has over-extended and is thinking of leaving the healing profession because of being tired all the time. He can definitely help to renew that original love of healing and throw off all the unwanted energies absorbed from the patients. You will find him a wondrous assistant and a dear friend!

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Fiery Deep Electric Red Rutile Polished Quartz Pillar

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