#21865 Healer’s Pair of Infinite - Green and Gray
Healer’s Pair of Infinite - Green and Gray
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This is an unusual pair of infinites totaling 4.4 oz: a 1.6” by 1.4” by 1” sort of tooth-shaped gray and a 2” by 1.2” by 0.8” gentle green. I have found that the color of the Infinite stone is critical to the type of pain work they are good for. The gray ones are great for migraine pain and are perfect pocket companions when you feel one coming on. The greens are great for general pain. My friends, John and Lyn, in Australia use the colors for balancing; as example, they use the green and gray for balancing the head and heart, bringing the heart and mind into accord.

Infinite comes from South Africa and is generally tumbled for use by Healers. She is a blend of serpentine and silicas and has colors varying from gray to deep green to softest mint green. They are wondrous for pain, not just on the physical level, but the emotional as well – critical to the patient who generally manifests physical symptoms after emotional upset. These symptoms might be stress headaches, nervousness and even rashes. Be aware and allow her to work with the patient for a few weeks to assist with alleviating them.

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Healer’s Pair of Infinite - Green and Gray

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