#21886 Shades of Blue and Indigo DT Brazilian Sapphire
Shades of Blue and Indigo DT Brazilian Sapphire
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Sapphire comes from all over the world, but amazingly, it is a rarity in Brazil. This Spirit is a delightful blue DT and sort of wedge with bits of flashy, silver mica on the sides. The miners usually treat them with oil to make the blue “pop” but this one is completely untreated … her colors “pop” without any other effort! She is gorgeous shades of indigo and blue and her terminations are nicely glyphed. She is a perfect meditation partner and healing companion. She is 3.8 oz and 2” by 1.2” by 1.2” from Bahia, Brazil.

It took me a while to tune into the energies of sapphire, but let me tell you that it was certainly worth it! Sapphire is one of the most potent healers in the crystalline kingdom … and those from Brazil seem even more suited to this task! Now, this healing occurs at all levels, so working with sapphire in a grid not just sets the stage for routine physical healing, but throughout the emotional and Spiritual Chakras. This Spirit in particular, has a sense of abundance about her – she helps you not just see, but express what is joyful and abundant in your life. Now, this isn’t wealth and power, but rather intangibles like the sense of family and belonging, the wonder of daily miracles, the splendor of nature. She fills you with an angelic sense, as if everything around you glows in a new light … the Blue Ray of Michael. She is a wondrous Spirit and you will never tire of her sweet energies and sweet song!

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Shades of Blue and Indigo DT Brazilian Sapphire

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