#21887 Slender and Twinned Spiral-Keyed Baby Dragon Tooth Amethyst Wand
Slender and Twinned Spiral-Keyed Baby Dragon Tooth Amethyst Wand
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This is a special and twinned Spirit from Bahia, Brazil … a slender amethyst wand, 1.9 oz and 3.6” by 1.2” by 0.8”. These are carefully separated from large clusters and unlike many of the amethysts with “stocky” crystals, these Spirits are long and thin. The crystals may also show some chevroning as the rich amethyst color permeates the crystal from the white quartz. She is spiral-keyed all around with plenty of places for thumb and fingers with a bit of white quartz “frosting” on about 90% of her sides. At her base isthe “dragon tooth” root! When I got the extra-large size of these (the Dragon Teeth), I knew these were the same … but baby dragon teeth! And like the large Dragon Teeth, these are connected to Merlin but are more of a pocket size and equally magical! I always wash each crystal before photographing and this one has a heady crystalline musk that truly adds to her already heady vibrations. There are interesting markings on the faces with subtle and layered record keepers that fill the largest faces almost like a crystalline fingerprint. She has a small ding on one side but is otherwise most excellent in her royal purple dress!

This Spirit is literally a gateway from the Crown Chakra to the Ethereal Chakras. The Crown Chakra sits just a bit over the top of the head and when activated, you can almost feel your hair rise from the energy movement through the body Chakras and into the Ethereal ones. Like this precious crystal, the amethyst color rises from “white” beginnings into the higher vibrations. Her singing adds to the effect, seemingly carrying the vibrations upward. Her many keys act as energy guides in the process and the termination focuses those energies. When you use her during meditation, wet her so that the crystalline musk fills your head. Drumming (or playing a recording of drumming) or playing beautiful Spiritual music further enhances the visions and energy movement that will come forward. Allow the energy level to grow and should visions appear, accept them without filtration or judgment. When your meditation is complete, write down anything you saw or felt. Use this Spirit in successive days in meditation to assist with interpretations and to enhance the energy movement leading to complete activation of the Ethereal Chakras. She is truly an energy tool for true enlightenment! Remember … she is strongly connected to Merlin and the magic of that time … the magic awaits!

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Slender and Twinned Spiral-Keyed Baby Dragon Tooth Amethyst Wand

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